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Current Projects

Women's Micro Enterprise

This project will provide funding to start a small micro-enterprise business for a group of women from one of the remote villages.  They will learn to grow some crops and make saleable leather products.

Cost of this project is $3000.  We have two matching gifts, so for every dollar you give it turns into three! You can make a donation by clicking on the donation button above below.

Two Classroom School

The village leaders in a nearby village have asked if we could help them build a two classroom school in their village so that their little kids don't have to walk the 5 miles each way to the school we built last year.

Cost of this project is $30,000


Desks & Supplies for two classroom school

Once the school is built we want to supply the children with desks, a blackboard and school supplies.

The cost of this project is $3000.




Completed Projects

Serve Uganda has wrapped up a project to refurbish an abandoned medical clinic and add a nurse's house.   There has not been any consistent medical care at this location for at least six years.  This clinic will serve two villages with a total population of 15,000.    We believe this project will have huge positive impact on these communities. Thanks for your support to make this project possible


Teacher's Housing

Funding and construction for this project is complete. Our new fully trained teachers are now living in their new quarters.  What an amazing time of celebration as we dedicated this facility.  20 local government officials came for the dedication including one that reports directly to the president of Uganda!


10592 SW Windwood Way Portland,OR 97225

EIN 82-1003897

Village lady pounding maze to make meal

winnowing 2.JPG

Winnowing sorghum seeds

finished nurses house.JPG

Completed nurse's house

Refurbished medical clinic

effectiveNonprofit_large (1).png
vetted_large (1).png
teachers housing 5.jpg
New solar powered well that was recently funded by Serve Uganda Partners
solar well.jpg
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