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Serve Uganda is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that serves the poorest of the poor in Northeastern Uganda in a variety of ways. While we are located in Portland, Oregon USA, we partner with a Ugandan NGO that has an excellent  track record.  Having a highly respected, reputable staff on the ground in Uganda is invaluable.  Here are some of the ways we are helping:

Goat Rotation Project

One of our favorite and most helpful projects is the gifting of a pregnant goat to a widow or orphan. They are not allowed to eat the goat, they can only sell or trade the goat. By raising the babies of the goats they can quickly have a small herd to work with.

Student Sponsorship Project

Currently  120 students are being supported by US sponsors.  These students range from elementary school through trade school and university. We would like to add at least 30  new elementary students in 2018.


In 2018 a brand new four classroom school was dedicated in the Nakayot village. This project also included a school kitchen, latrine, and borehole. Another 2018 project is the construction of teacher’s housing at this school.  When this is completed the government has committed to placing qualified teaches at the school.

Health Care

In 2018 we will also complete the refurbishment of a medical clinic and the construction of a nurse’s house at the Nakayot village.  We will also drill several new boreholes for the 15,000 residents. Today 10% of the children do not live beyond age five.  Once the nurse’s house is completed the government has committed to placing a fulltime nurse at the clinic.


We also provide small micro-loans to help stimulate entrepreneurship.

About us


Serve Uganda is working primarily among the Karamojong people in northeastern Uganda.  As recently as 15 years ago they were a warring tribe who  would regularly raid other tribes to steal their cattle.  In the process hundreds of people were killed.  Today, 25,000 of them have given up their nomadic herdsman life style and are learning to become farmers so they can live in peace.

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